Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development

Transnational Mobility
of Pupils

The main aim of the project is to acquire and develop skills related to project work and other areas, such as: working in an international group, building social relationships, planning, developing language skills and improving competences related to Information and Communication Technology.

Transnational mobility of pupils

Project Transnational Mobility of Pupils is co-funded by the European Social Fund as part of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development (OP KED). The project is addressed to pupils from public and non-public schools operating within the Polish system of education, e.g. primary schools, general secondary schools and trade schools.

Project application: 1.08.2018 – 30.06.2023

Project budget: 24 500 000 EURO

Project implemented in international cooperation.

Partner: Agentia Nationala pentru Programe Comunitare in Domeniul Educatiei si Formarii Profesionale Romania


Who can participate in the project?

Transnational Mobility of Pupils is aimed at public and non-public schools from Poland which will prepare projects with host schools from other EU countries, with special emphasis on schools without experience in international cooperation that did not previously participate in programmes managed by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System / Polish National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme.

Target group of the project: pupils from 6th grade of primary school until the end of their formal education.

Transnational Mobility of Pupils is of particular benefit to young pupils with the greatest educational needs, e.g. disadvantaged ones, pupils with limited access to various forms of education due to geographic, social, economic, health and culture related reasons, and pupils with fewer opportunities for advancement, to whom transnational mobility can be of great importance for the development of competences and future educational and lifestyle choices.

The key element of initiatives conducted by schools participating in the project will be the mobility of groups of Polish pupils and their teachers to the EU countries, which will last 7-14 days. Mobility activities will focus on project tasks related to the core curriculum and will be accomplished with peers from the EU host schools.

Taking part in the project will offer opportunities to enhance key competences of pupils, such as language learning skills, learning how to learn, and other new competences indispensable for personal development, future employability and active European citizenship.

Participation of at least two organisations from different EU countries is required:

1. the sending institution: school from Poland

2. the host institution: school from a different EU member state

Project implementation will contribute to the development of key competences of primary and secondary school pupils, building understanding between pupils from different countries of the European Union, and strengthening cooperation as part of international school partnerships.

The benefits for host schools:

  • financial grant dedicated to implementation of project activities – from 75 to 240 euro per day for the group of pupils depending on host country
  • establishing and strengthening cooperation and partnerships between schools across the EU which may be the beginning of future international projects
  • exchange of good practices and experiences within multinational educational projects
  • schools’ internationalisation
  • building the image of a pro-European school in the local environment

The benefits for the pupils:

  • development of key competences of primary and secondary school pupils
  • building understanding between pupils from different countries of the EU
  • cooperation in an international group
  • developing intercultural awareness and tolerance
  • building social relations
  • acquiring new knowledge, skills and competences
  • developing creativity and activity
  • development of active European citizenship
  • strengthening the European identity of the young generation
  • exchange of good practices and experiences within multinational educational projects

THE FOUNDATION FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM manages projects that support: mobility of school education staff, transnational traineeships of vocational school pupils and teachers, mobility of disabled and disadvantaged students, transnational mobility of non-vocational adult education staff and VET staff training. All projects are implemented in accordance with the rules of the Erasmus+ programme.

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